The most controversial phrases of Luis Rubiales when announcing that he will not resign from the presidency of the RFEF

The president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, Luis Rubiales, gave a public speech this Friday after the controversy over the non-consensual kiss to the soccer player Jennifer Hermoso. Rubiales said that he will not resign and explained his decision for approximately 30 minutes.

These were his most controversial phrases:

“There are many people who, although silenced, are supporting me. I would say more than against it.”
“In a moment of euphoria, I grabbed that part of my body that you have already seen […] I got very, very excited, to the point of losing control and taking my hands there.”
“I have been in countless acts, in countless boxes and I have never behaved like this […] I do not justify myself, sorry.”
“Second question, the kiss, the beak. More of a beak than a kiss […] They are part of my family, my daughters, the desire I could have in that kiss was exactly the same as I could have kissing one of my daughters. No more, no less.”
“Therefore, there is no desire and there is no position of dominance. And, furthermore, all people also understand that, even though they are selling something else in many of the media […] like those who are selling homage to the false feminism, which is a great scourge in this country”.
“It was a spontaneous kiss […] It was spontaneous. Mutual, euphoric and consenting.”
“We had very affectionate moments in this concentration.”
“My daughter, don’t cry. You have to be calm and happy and proud of who your father is.”
“At the moment Jenni [Jennifer Hermoso] appeared, she picked me up from the ground, we almost fell […] when we left me on the ground, we hugged. […] She was the one who she went up in her arms, and brought her body closer to me. We hugged each other”.
“She [Jennifer Hermoso] answered me ‘You’re a crack’, and I told her: ‘A little bit?’, and she said ‘Okay’.”
“She [Jennifer Hermoso] said it was an anecdote.”
“Here they are not trying to do justice. That is false. A social murder is being carried out. Me. They are trying to kill me.”
“As a Spaniard, I think we have to reflect on where we are going.”
“I want to say, looking at my three daughters, who are there, that today they have to learn a lesson about what equality is. […] Equality is not differentiating when there is an opinion between what a man says and what he says a woman. You have to differentiate between the truth and a lie. And I am telling the truth here today”.
“Daughters, learn it, it’s a life lesson. You are real feminists. And not the fake feminism that is out there.”
“False feminism doesn’t seek justice, it doesn’t seek the truth, it doesn’t care about people.”
“They are preparing an execution to put on a medal and say that we are advancing.”
“What will real women who have been sexually assaulted think?”
“The fake feminists who tear people apart, who didn’t congratulate us on being world champions, because there were men there too.”
“The masculine plural in Spain includes both women and men.”
“They may continue with this siege campaign […] but deep in my heart, I do not care.”
“Do you think that [because of the kiss] is to suffer the hunt that I am suffering?”
“Is it serious enough for me to leave, having done the best management in the history of Spanish football?”
“Do you think I have to resign? Well, I’m going to tell you something: I’m not going to resign! I’m not going to resign! I’m not going to resign! I’m not going to resign! I’m not going to resign!”


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