Messi at FC Dallas – Inter Miami: preview, lineups, schedule and how to watch the game

“A lot of defensive work” against FC Dallas, predicts Martino
The Argentine coach Gerardo “Tata” Martino said in the press conference prior to this clash that for his team “there will be a lot of defensive work, because of what Dallas offers when it comes to attacking.”

The coach from Rosario said that “the team is improving”, referring to the arrivals of three super stars such as Messi, Busquets and Alba, who were joined by the Argentines Facundo Farías (formerly Colón), the defender Tomás Avilés (formerly Racing Club ), and Paraguayan Diego Gómez (former Libertad). The latter is one of the jewels that Guarani football brought out and showed his quality when he teamed up with Busquet in the middle game.

The coach said that Farías, 20, is a footballer who has “the ability to play forward, depending on the characteristics we have at the moment.”

Regarding Avilés, he pointed out that he “has a good start because he can play as a containment midfielder and offers us a series of variants that are important for the team.”

He also made reference to Jordi Alba, saying that he is “under evaluation and training”, without specifying if the defender will be in the game in the important clash against FC Dallas.

In the run-up to the duel, a statement gave rise to talk and it is that of the 26-year-old American defender Nkosi Tafari, who spoke in relation to Messi’s presence: “I’m really only being interviewed because of the aspect of who Messi is. I’m not being interviewed because they really care who I am, and that’s fair”, the footballer is honest. He also added that “I don’t know if there are really keys”, precise. (to stop Messi).

Another speaker was the Argentine Alan Velasco, who assured: “It will be an unforgettable experience for me. It will be the first time I see him in person. I have seen him play from the stands, but never on the field. I hope he can score in at some point in the game,” he said.

Only the iconic soccer player and his superhero cape can generate so much magnetism around him. That which has had him with a deluge in his presentation in the pink team, or with another strong gale of water as was the previous duel against Orlando City, or now before the scorching Texan sun. Although everyone knows that the sun and all MLS football revolves around Lionel Messi.

Meanwhile, the Argentine star already knows that, if he manages to accomplish another feat, in the next instance of the quarterfinals either Charlotte (eliminated Cruz Azul on penalties) or Houston Dynamo (they got rid of Pachuca) awaits him via criminal auction).

Against either of the two teams, Inter would again be home at the DRV PNK stadium on Friday 11 or Saturday 12 August.

If the Florida team advances, it is already known that it will be under the best weather: the one that always generates knowing that the legend that Lionel Messi carries with him will be on the field of play.


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