Jess Glynne: I fell out of love with music – I was unhappy

“It felt like the world caved in on me,” said the chart-topper, who responded to the backlash after appearing on comedian Mo Gilligan’s podcast by deleting her social media accounts.

They hear one thing and all just jump on this bandwagon, and… it feels like the world is over.”

Glynne, 34, said: “The way I said it wasn’t even an attack, it was actually me celebrating a community that I’m a part of, and that I love.

Reflecting on her period away from music, she said: “I fell in and out of love with music. I was deeply unhappy.”

I’m a very open person. I believe that love is love.

“And I’ve never hidden the fact that I’ve been in relationships with men, and I’ve been in relationships with women. That’s a massive side of my life.”

It comes as Glynne prepares to release her first single in five years, titled Enough. The star said she was one song away from finishing her third album.

She added: “I want the album to tell a story about vulnerability and power, being brave, showing all sides to who I am. I want it to be unapologetic.”


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