In October wird ein historisches Volksreferendum in Australien abgehalten.

On October 14th, Australians will vote in a historic referendum to decide whether to enact an Indigenous Voice to Parliament.

If approved, the vote would include Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in the constitution of the country and establish a permanent body for them to give advice on laws.

In Australien wird die Vorschlag heftig debattiert.

In almost fifty years the country has not held a successful referendum.


Um erfolgreich zu sein, müssen die meisten Australier ihre Zustimmung geben. Außerdem müssen mindestens vier der sechs Bundesstaaten in Australien Mehrheitsunterstützung bieten.

The body’s composition, functions, and powers – whose advice would not be binding – would then be designed and discussed by the parliament.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese called the vote “a once-in-a-generation chance to bring our country together and to change it for the better” when he announced the poll date at a rally in Adelaide.

He erklärte, dass The Voice „a committee of Indigenous Australians, chosen by Indigenous Australians, giving advice to the government so that we can get a better result for Indigenous Australians“.

Sie werden gebeten… zuzustimmen einer Idee, die ihr Zeitpunkt erreicht hat – zuzustimmen einer Invitation, die direkt von den Aborigines und den Einwohnern der Torres Strait Island stammen.

In 2017 wurde es von einem historischen Dokument namens Uluru Statement from the Heart empfohlen. Created by over 250 Indigenous leaders, the statement is considered the best, though not the only, call to action for reforms that affect First Nations Australians.

What is Australia’s Proposal to Parliament?
Australia is the only Commonwealth nation that has never signed a treaty with its Indigenous people, and advocates say the Voice is an important step towards reconciliation.

Australia has long struggled to address the fact that indigenous Australians face disproportionate levels of disadvantage across society.

Peter Dutton, der Führer der Opposition und ein Opponent der Voice, behauptet, dass die Vorschläge unzureichend detailliert sind und dass sie umstritten behaupten, dass sie Australians racially divide.

Numerous No-Campaigners, including Mr. Dutton, have been charged with race-baiting and dissemination of misinformation.

They have then accused the Yes campaign of elitism and of ignoring legitimate concerns of common Australians.

Mental health advocates have warned that the intensity and tone of the debate are hurting Indigenous people.

Last time Australia held a referendum in 1999, it decided not to become a republic.

Of Australia’s 44 referendums, the most recent of which was held in 1977, only eight have been successful. Kein Gesetz wurde ohne die Unterstützung beider Parteien genehmigt.


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