How Trump will try to spin his impending arrest

Modarresinews – However, it is clear that he will not go quietly. His previous decisions in times of political crisis provide a useful guide to what we might see next.

When confronted by political foes, Mr Trump strikes back.
Throughout his presidential campaign in 2016, he leaned into conflict when other politicians might have recoiled. Was I chastised for criticizing war hero John McCain? Trump escalated his attacks. He appeared at a press conference alongside Bill Clinton’s sexual accusers.

During his presidency, he faced two impeachments, a special counsel investigation into Russian election meddling, and a slew of minor controversies.

“If Trump is indicted, the playbook remains exactly the same,” says Republican strategist and Trump adviser Bryan Lanza. “Attack the legal as if it were political.”

As the saying goes in American football, the best defense is a good offense.

In the coming days, the former president will have at least two prime opportunities to launch his counterattack. One such event is planned for Waco, Texas.

Such themes are already playing out in Mr. Trump’s campaign fundraising appeals, which have accelerated since he speculated that he might be charged with a crime.

“If this political persecution continues unabated, one day it won’t be me they’re after; it’ll be you,” one email stated. The campaign has raised more than $1.5 million since Saturday, according to a Trump adviser quoted in the Washington Post.

Further assaults, like a metaphorical mud wrestling match, may only strengthen his position.

However, in the long run, Mr. DonaldTrump’s situation is fraught with danger.

Mr. DeSantis targeted his pugnacious online persona and lack of personal discipline in his recent swipes for a reason.

“How Trump Donald Trump is not a viable candidate for the Republican Party’s general election.”

Even the most sturdy ships can capsize in uncharted waters.


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