Harry Maguire lobt David Beckham für seine Karriereberatung.

After being jeered by Scotland fans, Harry Maguire says a call from David Beckham “meant everything”.

In Glasgow’s 3-1 friendly win last month, the England centre-back scored an own goal as a substitute, and every touch he took was ironically cheered.


Maguire, der 30 Jahre alt ist, äußerte, dass er etwa drei Wochen vor dem Spiel mit David gesprochen hatte.


Because he contacted me, it was very kind of him and I really appreciated that.


Der Verteidiger von Manchester United fügte hinzu: “Es hatte alles beeinflusst. Throughout my career, I have talked about David Beckham as someone I looked up to and watched when I was a young boy.


Es zeigt, wie elegant er ist, mich zu kontaktieren und Nachrichten zu senden. Ich habe es sehr geschätzt. Es war wirklich berührend.


Beckham war Englands third-most capped men’s player with 115 international appearances, and he led his country to two World Cups in 2000.


„He reminded me of the career I’ve had to date and the big moments I’ve had in my career“, ergänzte Maguire.


When you’re going through difficult times, I think you have to go through past experiences and past memories, where you’ve gone in your career and what you’ve been through.




Every career is so up and down, especially when you reach what I’ve reached, in terms of being the captain of the biggest club in the world for three and a half years.” He hat Erfahrung mit solchen Situationen und ist darüber informiert.


Maguire, who became the world’s most expensive defensive player when he joined Manchester United from Leicester for £80m in 2019, has won 59 England caps and scored seven international goals.


However, since Erik ten Hag was appointed as manager in 2022, he has had difficulty getting time for games at Old Trafford, even having lost his captaincy.


Recently, the defender’s game time has increased due to injuries in the United squad. He begann am vergangenen Samstag, als Brentford in der Premier League mit 2:1 unterlag.


Maguire erklärt, dass selbst die besten Spieler der Welt kritisiert werden.


Over the years playing for my country, I have had some huge plaudits.”


Es ist wahrscheinlich, dass es im letzten Jahr nicht so war, aber in den letzten fünf Jahren bekam ich viel Kredit.


Das ist Fußball, so funktioniert es. You don’t just stay at the top and not get any criticism. Unless you are the world’s best, which is probably Messi and Ronaldo, and even they still get criticized, that doesn’t happen.


Over the last year there has been a lot of talk about me. For that talk to happen, you have to have built your way up to be a top performer like I have done over the previous five years.


Over the last year or so, things haven’t gone to plan, but I am sure it will get back on track.


Es ist eine lange Reise für eine Karriere. Viele Höhen und Tiefen, es hat wahrscheinlich einen kleinen Schwanz und ich versuche, zurück zu meinem Ausgangspunkt zurückzukehren.


Der Verteidiger sagte auch, dass die “Vertrauen” von England-Trainer Gareth Southgate und seinen Teamkollegen ihn bedeuten.


However, he stated that the criticism he had received “probably affects my family and friends more than it affects myself, especially when I am playing in a game.”


Following Maguire’s treatment in the Scotland game, her mother posted a statement in support of her son.


He explained, “Obviously, the last year has been a little bit difficult for them to enjoy the games as they did in the last eight or nine years of my career.”


Ich bin sicher, dass dies sich ändern wird. I’ll keep working hard, fight for my place, and keep trying to fix things.


England spielt am Friday eine Freundschaftsspiel gegen Australia, bevor sie vier Tage später gegen Italien in einer Quali für das European Championship antritt.



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