Ein Wendepunkt in Myanmar, da die Armee erhebliche Verluste erlitten hat.

The military-installed president of Myanmar has warned that the country is in danger of breaking apart if the government cannot control the fighting that has broken out in Shan State.

At an emergency meeting held by the ruling military council, former General Myint Swe, who was appointed after a coup in 2021, addressed a series of co-ordinated attacks by anti-military insurgents which have inflicted serious losses on the armed forces.


In Shan State have three ethnic insurgent armies, supported by other armed groups opposing the government, overrun dozens of military posts and captured border crossings and the roads that carry most of the overland trade with China.


Das ist der schlimmste Rückgang, den die Junta seit ihrer Machtübernahme im Februar 2021 erlebt hat. Nach zwei und halb Jahren des Kampfes gegen die militärische Aufstauung, die sie durch ihren verheerende Coup ausgelöst hat, scheint die Armee schwache und möglicherweise unterlegen zu sein.


Thousands of people were forced to leave their homes as a result of the government’s response, which included airstrikes and artillery bombardments. However, it has not been able to bring in more reinforcements or regain the ground it has lost. Es wird angenommen, dass Brigadier General Aung Kyaw Lwin, der Leiter der Regierungstruppen im nördlichen Shan-Staat, unter den hunderten von Soldaten gestorben ist, der führende Offizieren gestorben ist, die im Kampf seit der Revolution.


This attack is even more important because it is the first time that the well-armed insurgents operating in Shan State have clearly aligned themselves and their military operations with the broader campaign to overthrow the junta and restore democracy.


Andere Faktoren sind jedoch relevant. These three insurgent groups have been trying for a long time to expand their territory. Insbesondere China, das typischerweise alle Gruppen a seiner Grenze zu Myanmar behindert, hat diese Operation nicht gestoppt.


Dies liegt wahrscheinlich daran, dass er frustriert ist, dass die military government nichts gegen die Verbrecherzentren getan hat, die in Shan State verbreitet sind. These scam centers have forced thousands of Chinese and other foreigners to work there. Einer der Ziele der Angreifer ist es, sie zu beseitigen.


This long exposure picture, taken late on October 28, 2023, shows a missile fired from a Myanmar military base in Lashio township, northern Shan State. On October 28, 2023, armed groups said that intense fighting between rebels and the Myanmar military extended into a second day near the country’s northern border with China.

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Am 28. Oktober wurde eine Rakete während heftiger Schlachten in Shan State abgeschossen.

When peaceful protests against the coup were brutally crushed by the military and police in 2021, opposition activists decided to call for a nationwide armed uprising against the junta.


Many fled to areas controlled by ethnic insurgents along Myanmar’s borders with Thailand, China, and India, where they hoped to get access to training and weapons, which most of them lacked.


Some well-known ethnic armies, such as Karen, Kachin, Karenni, and Chin, decided to ally themselves with the National Unity Government (NUG). The NUG was established by an elected government that was deposed by the coup.


Life in a war-torn Myanmar: “We wish we could go back”.

Die grausame Bürgerkrieg in Myanmar wird vom Himmel angegriffen.

Andere taten es nicht, insbesondere die verschiedenen Gruppen im Shan-Staat, einer großen, ungesetzlichen Region, die Thailand und China umgibt.


Shan State, bekannt als einer der größten Hersteller von illegalen Drogen weltweit, hat kürzlich auch einen florierenden Betrieb in Casinos und Scam-Centern erlebt.


Since Myanmar’s independence in 1948, it has been plaged by conflict and poverty. It has been divided into the fiefdoms of various warlords, drug bosses, or ethnic rebels who have been fighting each other and the army.



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