Die besten Frauen-Fußballspielerinnen Spaniens wollen gegen Entlohnung und Bedingungen kämpfen.

Players in Spain’s top women’s football league will fight over salaries and terms.

Die neue Saison der Liga F soll am Freitag beginnen, aber stattdessen werden Spieler für die ersten beiden Spiele gehen.

Die Spanish Players’ Association [AFE] erklärte, dass eine „faire“ Vereinbarung nicht erreicht werden konnte, weshalb der Streik angekündigt wurde.

When Liga F became professional, negotiations began a year ago, but the league said the players’ demands would cause “economic failure”.

Last season the minimum wage was 16,000 euros (£13,700), but players want it to be 25,000 euros for 2023-24 campaign, rising to 30,000 euros for the next season.

Die größte der verschiedenen Unionen, die für die Spieler handeln, ist die AEF.

In a statement, the AFE stated that the goal is to make progress in these negotiations, to achieve fair and dignified treatment for women footballers, (and) to address and reduce the existing pay gap.

However, Liga F stated that they had already offered the players a minimum salary of 18,000 euros, which would be increased to 25,000 euros over the next three seasons, as well as assistance with childcare and financial aid for study, among other proposals, which were rejected.

The league said in a statement that they had returned with a 25% increase to the 16,000 salary, the elimination of part-time contracts and other benefits, but that too was reduced, despite the unions’ “blunt” response which showed “absolute immobility in their economic approaches.”

“This Professional League will not give in to pressure or accept proposals that lead to the economic collapse of the competition, and, as a result, the failure of women’s professional football.”

Der erste Spielkreis wird am 8-10 September stattfinden, während der zweite Spielkreis am 15-17 September stattfinden wird.

Last year, the beginning of the Liga F season was also postponed because referees went on strike to demand better pay and better working conditions.

In recent weeks, Spanish football’s women’s football has been embroiled in controversy following the president of the Spanish Football Federation, Luis Rubiales, kissing Jenni Hermoso following the country’s World Cup victory in August.

The incident, which Hermoso says was not consensual, has overshadowed the team’s achievement and resulted in Rubiales’ suspension and the sacking of head coach Jorge Vilda.

Lucy Bronze and Keira Walsh from England play their domestic football for Barcelona, the eight-time Liga F champions.


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