Cristiano Ronaldo is considering retiring after the 2022 World Cup.

Cristiano Ronaldo on almost every occasion The 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar ended in a 1-0 loss to Morocco in the quarterfinals, with Cristiano Ronaldo leaving the field in tears.

Ronaldo had been dropped from the starting XI in the Round of 16 and the final eight games due to reports of friction between him and then-manager Fernando Santos, leading many to wonder if the tournament would be his last appearance for his country.
Ronaldo admitted ahead of Thursday’s match against Liechtenstein that while he considered retiring from international football after the defeat, the number seven decided not to “throw in the towel.”
retiring after the 2022 World Cup
“After the World Cup, everything was on the line.” I’m not going to lie to you. “In our lives, we have to weigh everything,” Ronaldo told reporters on Wednesday. “I reflected with my family, and we came to the conclusion that it was not time to give up.” It taught me a lot, and I’m glad to be back. The coach has stated that he wants me on the team. I believe I still have a lot to offer and want to continue.”
The 38-year-old continued, “I’m glad to be back.” Roberto Martinez demonstrated his trust in me. I’ve always wanted to be a player. As you know, he talked to everyone, including me. And I realized that I have a lot to offer the national team. I feel it, I want it, and I want to take Portugal to the next level. I will always contribute when they require it.”

Ronaldo, who is on track to break the all-time record for national team appearances after tying Bader Al-mark Mutawa’s of 196 for Kuwait during last year’s World Cup, also spoke about his motivation to keep playing.

“Records are always positive,” said Ronaldo. “They are my inspiration.” I enjoy breaking records, and this one is particularly noteworthy. If it happens, I’ll be overjoyed, but I want to keep playing games; I don’t want to stop here.”

Meanwhile, Ronaldo remains in contention as the team captain for Roberto Martinez, who took over the Portugal job after his stint with the Belgium men’s national team ended following the World Cup.
“There are a lot of different players, and the system may change, but it’s not for me to discuss.” In life, changes are beneficial. The national team has a very positive attitude. It has the feel of something special and positive. The intensity is excellent, and it is unique. I’m confident that the national team will be ready for whatever comes their way. I’m confident that Portugal will be a more attacking team.”

Portugal will face Luxembourg on Sunday, following Liechtenstein, to kick off their 2024 Euro qualification campaign during the international break.


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