11-year-old girl dies after being assaulted by motorcycle criminals in Lanús, Argentina

(CNN Spanish) — An 11-year-old girl died after being assaulted by criminals who were riding a motorcycle in Villa Giardino, Lanús Oeste, province of Buenos Aires, according to reports from the municipality of Lanús and the Buenos Aires Province Police.

The event occurred this Wednesday, when the victim, identified as Morena Domínguez, arrived at her school. There she was intercepted by two strangers who were riding a motorcycle, a modality known in Argentina as “motochorros”, who stole her belongings and caused a blow to her head that left her unconscious.

A video captured by security cameras and provided to CNN by a police source recorded the moment in which the thieves attacked the girl and fled from her. In the images you can see how a person tries to lift the victim from the street and take her to the sidewalk.

When an ambulance arrived at the scene, she was animated and then transferred “in critical condition” to the Evita Hospital, where she died 20 minutes after entering due to cardiorespiratory arrest, according to the authorities.

“As a father, it hurts and deeply saddens me,” Diego Kravetz, chief of staff and head of Security for the municipality of Lanús, posted on his Twitter account.

“Right now, police officers and we are monitoring the security cameras in the neighborhood and surroundings to find the whereabouts of the criminals,” added the official.

suspension of campaigns
The assault occurred a few days before the primary elections in Argentina. Faced with this situation, the current mayor of Lanús, candidate for governor of the province of Buenos Aires, Néstor Grindetti, and the candidate for mayor of Lanús, Diego Kravetz, announced the suspension of the campaign agenda.

The officials reported in a statement that they are “working in a Crisis Committee for the Nation and the Province to respond and guarantee security in the area.”


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